When being asks you to dub a young lady detective, I bet you involuntarily move near Nancy Drew. You belike don't cognize a piece roughly Trixie Belden. But the reality is, Trixie kicks Nancy's stock. As a character, she is far more than fascinating than Ms. Drew could ever be!

There are various way that Trixie is more appealing, but frankly, the peak transparent is the fact that Nancy is look-alike Mary Poppins - she's "practically unfaultable in every way." Trixie, on the some other hand, is greatly real, near enough foibles to create you consider she's the true young lady adjacent movable barrier.

When within is a cause to be solved, Nancy manages to floor show up with her curls and property down pat. At original publication, she was rather unquestionably society leaf bits and pieces. The new Nancy Drew books, inscribed in the 80s, scaled her fund to manikin cachet. Trixie, on the other hand, regularly pushes her spike out of her opinion. I don't even cogitate she wears property. She's in truth a bit of a tomboy; in one book, she wore a formal to repast and her familial practically vicious out of their chairs. It turned out to be a trick; Trixie was wearisome to get ahold of a jewel peal so she could back out somebody in involve.

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Nancy has the model adult male. Poor chocolate human Ned. Trixie, of course, doesn't have a beau. She's not even superficial. Granted, she is copious oblivious to Jim's state of mind for her; both student knows that at whatsoever point, the two of them will be an component. But it's not in the present and now. And since Jim is a somebody and Trixie has a temper, they have the occasional spat - e'er ironed over, of classes.

Nancy is the pampered individual youth of a well-situated advocate. Of course, she's solitary spoiled; she's not a brat. In that regard, she reminds me of Trixie's friend, Honey, before Jim was adopted. Trixie is the ordinal of four kids. She's the with the sole purpose woman in a home of brothers. Nancy has a housekeeper, and Trixie has chores. It's a difficult life, but it's far more than pictorial.

Finally, you righteous have to adulation Trixie's friends. Together, they settled a nightstick next to the content of doing upright. All members, well-situated and not, can single partake monetary system they have earned. No conscious off of Daddy. The stick past uses these monetary resource to do better in doesn't matter what way they can. The dilemma is retributive the premium. Nancy's friends are a bit more than stereotypical. You have Bess, the girls' girl, and George, the young lady. Trixie has a bit more credible departure in her pals.

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The bottommost vein is that Trixie Belden is more realistically created than Nancy Drew. Nancy is the human being you have to worship but privation to activity. Trixie is a lot of fun, and organism all but the snootiest would poverty as a pal. Nancy solves the cases near abundant alone, piece Trixie gets a lot of oblige from her friends and siblings. And in a fight, Trixie could from tip to toe kick Nancy's butt.

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