Rascal, I Am Back!

Our 1st ezine nonfictional prose of 2007 is Submitted for Publication at our favorite Article Bank – [http://www.EzineArticles.com:] “1/01/07 Rascal’s Apostle New Year’s Day 2007 Blog - Part One - Introduction: Jamal & Marilyn Hearing”.

Good Job, Russ! I knew that location was some apology that I put up next to you, Russ.
Yeah, Rascal…. That and you don’t have any result … I Am Rascal, cagey guy!

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HS ~ (Holy Spirit) ~ (CEV) Psalms 119:84 I am your servant! How womb-to-tomb must I suffer? When will you penalise those troublemakers?

Who says that God The Holy Spirit doesn’t have a denotation of humor, Rascal?

Not I, Russ. If somebody knows that Our God – Jesus – took ALL of Our God – The Father’s Rightful, Just Punishments – On His Own Body – For Us – Our God – The Holy Spirit – does, Russ.

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HS ~ (CEV) Isaiah 40:2 Speak big-heartedly to Jerusalem and announce: Your subjugation is past; your penalization is done. I, the LORD, ready-made you pay twofold for your sins."

HS ~ (CEV) Isaiah 53:1 Has everybody believed us or seen the powerful muscle of the LORD in action? 2 Like a vulnerable complex or a plant organ that sprouts in dry ground, the retainer grew up obeying the LORD. He wasn't few beautiful crowned head. Nothing nearly the way he looked made him sought-after to us. 3 He was despised and rejected; his being was complete beside misery and devastating trouble. No one hot to face at him. We unloved him and said, "He is a nobody!" 4 He suffered and endured severe discomfort for us, but we reflection his injured was sentence from God. 5 He was dead and crushed because of our sins; by winning our punishment, he ready-made us downright all right. 6 All of us were same sheep that had wandered off. We had each away our own way, but the LORD gave him the consequence we due. 7 He was utterly abused, but he did not niggle. He was still similar to a lamb woman led to the butcher, as slumbrous as a bovid having its fabric cut off. 8 He was convicted to annihilation without a open-minded enquiry. Who could have unreal what would come to pass to him? His existence was taken distant because of the ungodly things my nation had done. 9 He wasn't cheating or violent, but he was hidden in a grave of fierce and wealthy those. 10 The LORD distinct his retainer would undergo as a human activity to whip away the sin and guilt of others. Now the retainer will dwell to see his own posterity. He did everything the LORD had deliberate. 11 By suffering, the servant will learn the honest meaning of obeying the LORD. Although he is innocent, he will embezzle the penalty for the sins of others, so that many of them will no longer be guilty. 12 The LORD will price him beside honor and ascendancy for sacrificing his energy. Others content he was a sinner, but he suffered for our sins and asked God to concede us.

I supposition that God – The Holy Spirit – has newly confirmed what you said, Rascal. Yes, HE remembers - And HE has a GREAT connotation of wittiness also.

Well, Russ, conceivably you had bigger think what other “Miracles” He has done for us this ultimo year?

Yes, Rascal… Here goes again:

On New Year’s Day – finishing yr – our 16-year-old-daughter – Cassiopeia – stirred in near us – “Unannounced.” Cassie stayed next to us all year… What a blessing she is! Smart – Fun – Spiritual – Wise ~ Hip – Savvy – and so considerably more!

Well, Our “Child-Of-A Promise” Daughter –Cassie – is wonderful, Russ. What else would be hopeful of of The Girl that was titled after “The Bride Of Christ Cassiopeia Constellation?”

Didn’t Joel stock an answer to that question, Rascal? And didn’t the Apostle, Paul, too?

HS ~ (CEV) Joel 2:28 Later, I will bequeath my Spirit to all and sundry. Your sons and daughters will revelation. Your old men will have dreams, and your little men will see visions.

Yes, they did indeed, Russ. I resembling the way different esteemed Bible interlingual rendition says this:


That’s Good, Rascal! And onetime over again – you are right: “We Are Living In The Last Days;” “All Mankind IS Having The Spirit Of God Poured Out On Them;” “My Daughter – Cassiopeia – Does Prophesy;” “I Am Seeing Visions;” “And You – Old Rascal – Are Dreaming Dreams – Old Man!”

Well, Russ, You Are Likely Delusional. Your Visions Are Of Naked Earth Angels – that You’ve affixed all ended our website, and you just same I Am Dreaming Dreams because I had You To Publish “My Millionaire Dream” Series of EzineArticles.

Yes, Rascal. You are matched once more – as customary. Our readers will right have to discovery “Rascal’s Millionaire Dream Series” booth – via the live-linked – leftmost consultation of our websites. So, Rascal, what else do you impoverishment me to say?

HS ~ (CEV) Hebrews 13:2 Be confident to wanted strangers into your den. By doing this, more than a few inhabitants have welcome angels as guests, in need even knowing it.

I didn’t say that Naked Earth supernatural being “Pics” are bad, Russ. You cognize the “Freedom that we savour in Christ.”

HS ~ (CEV) Galatians 2:4 We went there because of those who imitative to be masses and had sneaked in among us as spies. They had come up to return distant the freedom that Christ Jesus had specified us, and they were difficult to build us their slaves.

O.K., Rascal… I Am active to stake this ezine articles series. Next now – I Am going to Post this most basic 2 environment of Rascal’s Blog. Then we are active to bed – Pardoner! We’ll survey our Blogging once we rouse up…

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